Friday, December 27, 2013

Play by Play

Play by Play

Just a tiny, fuzzy, segmented leg
is the only evidence of last night's massacre.
The spider did what he does.
The cat took notice.
Golden headlights shining into a quivering web,
illuminated the already pierced lady bug
who would've become supper
had the spider not been so attractive,
so bouncy and fun!
Then the orgasmic POUNCE!
The spider was a lil crunchy.
The cat savored the snack,
but was smacked in the face with the ramifications:
The toy is gone.
He smacks his lips.
Only a morsel remains:
A piece of ass, maybe some web.
Web, the equivalent of a spider shitting his pants.
And the cat feels a piece stuck,
Like a lose tooth in his fucked up head
with dissolved roots,
hanging on by a thread.
He picked his teefs clean with a tiny leg,

and then tossed it in the floor. 

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