Thursday, April 16, 2015

Introducing my poetry book...

Above is a link to my new poetry book, and below is a sip of what's inside:

Drooping, Shrinking Hopes

The folks at the restaurant,
in crisp shirts and overalls,
are amazed at the machine on the bathroom wall.
For people who look like they’ve rolled in from the prairie,
that lil machine holds things that are scary.

There are oils and lubricants,
a rainbow of rubbers,
a mystery called the “goodie box”
to satisfy lovers.

There’s a very large sign
proclaiming abstinence is best,
but if you’re gonna be a whore,
we can feather your love nest.

And while Clem’s drinking root beer
and talking with the guys,
His beloved Corie’s in the restroom,
planning to buy him a surprise.

She digs in her granny purse.
(They’ve been married 50 years.)
She pulls out her wallet
and laughs 'til there are tears.

With a lil bit of money,
and the flick of her wrist,
their creaky old marriage
could get a new twist!

Drooping and shrinkage
would be problems of the past.
This mysterious goodie
could surely make Clem last.

She’d blow more than his mind,
and heat up his bed!
Ecstasy could be theirs
just like the sign said!
The machine screams promises of pleasure intense.

Too bad Corie didn’t have 50 cents.

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