Sunday, January 27, 2013

small stones catch up...well kinda...again lol


Going for a drive with Usher.
I'm picky today,
and he's the only one I'll allow to vibrate my....


I hate the way the good ol boy
at the service station
stares at me,
as if I'm an abnormality,
as if i'm a circus sideshow,
as if I just perfected a magic trick,
all because I don't even have a PENIS,
yet I was able to pop the hood!


The waitress looks frazzled.
Not cause she's busy,
but because she's hungover.
I wanna ask her if she
slept over with a stranger,
puked on her shoes,
wore yesterday's clothes to work,
didn't wash her hair or body,
and attempted to cover it up with
a pea-soup-thick layer of cheap perfume.


  1. You are on a roll; these really resonate (get it?)with me.

  2. lol glad you like them. I haven't been good and keeping up this year!