Friday, March 19, 2010

Magical Days

Kindergarten was out of school today because the new kids were coming to register so Raven and I had a day off together. I explained to her that it was going to be a magical day because we were gonna go do some fun stuff. She started being on the lookout for magical things to happen.

First we went to McDonald's for lunch (her choice, of course), and they accidentally put two toys in her happy meal. She quickly pointed this out: "It IS a magical day because there's TWO toys in my lunch." Then she noticed that they gave her TWO caramel dippin sauces for her apples. That was the next magical thing she talked about. The she says, "Thank you for telling me about these magical days because I'm really appreciating them." I swear that kid is reincarnated from idk who, but she talks like an adult.

Then she launched into this convo, "I like this caramel, but it is sticky. If you give a Raven some caramel, she will get sticky. Feeling sticky will remind her of her favorite maple syrup, and she'll want a pancake to go with it...." This continues until she can't remember anymore lines from the book.

Then she comes up with this, "Can I have a hamster?"
"I don't know," I said, "lemme think about it."
"Well I just want to sit him on my dresser, and when I get bored with him, I'll open his little door and let Lex eat him. He would make a tasty lunch for Lex."

Damn.Where does she come up with this stuff? I adopted my kids so they wouldn't act like me or my sister, and I'm sitting across the table from lil T and Z. LOL.

We go on to the movie (Alice in Wonderland), and it was fabulous....just a really beautiful, enchanting movie. (Though I want it to end differently and wish Alice would stay with the Hatter. I would have stayed with the Hatter. Also, so many of the characters remind me of people in my life, but I won't go into detail about that.)Raven liked the 3-D, but when the jabberwocky came flying, she jerked her glasses off her face in a hurry. I told her she could come sit on my lap anytime she got scared, and she climbed on my lap and stayed there. She really enjoyed the movie though.

Next we went girly shoppin and got summer clothes for her and Sully. She is very sweet in picking out things for Russ and tries to find characters that she has seen him notice on TV. Since he is fairly non-verbal, we don't really know what cartoons he likes. She picked him out some SpongeBob stuff. I picked out a tank top and some shoes, and she comes up and yells, "OH! That matches PERFECTLY!" Uh...thanks Diva. Then she finds these really big roses attached to ponytail holders and insisted that we get them. I got them, but the flower is as big as her whole head.

Finally we went to Lowe's because I had to indulge my tomboy side....and I got a power sander! Yea! I can't wait to play with that. We also got some windchimes and some spring flowers for Mama and the aunties. She wanted to do more things after all that. By that time we had been out running around for nearly seven hours so I told her it was time to come home because we had to pick the mister up a dinner. He's not real happy to come home to no food in the house while I'm out buying windchimes and power sanders, but then he is GROWN and won't starve. Maybe.

Just before we got to the house, Raven said, "You know I really like spending time with you." Ohhhh she melts me.

Later this evening, we got another magical surprise because Marshall came home! He was very skinny and starved because he had been missin for about two weeks. He "talked" to me nonstop...followed me all over the house meowing. He was even meowing at me while he ate....talkin with food in his mouth lol. When he went missing, I told Raven he had just run away. I was certain, though, that he was dead. Tybalt wants out every night, and Raven said that was because Tybalt went on a catty search for the Marshall daily.

I told the mister that Marshall's return was an Ostara/Easter miracle. He is my Jesus kee. The mister said it's more like Pet Cemetary. Pfffft.

I'm so thankful for this magical day :0).

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