Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/23/2012 Small stone

I have 15 minutes to stop
And pick up some mascara.
Fifteen minutes only!
I never buy these things for myself,
But I have a coupon.

I dash in the store.
She comes outta nowhere...
Looking 80 years old and homeless,
with hair that wants washing.
"Hey!" She says.
There's nobody else around.
She's talking to me.
"Help me find Revelon Poppysilk Red lipstick. I can't see!"
"Um...okay, sister."
I search the rack. There are probably 200 shades.
The next to the last is Poppysilk Red.
I give her the lipstick and my coupon.
Twenty minutes have passed.
"Now!" she says, "Find one for my sister. She likes pinks!"
I leave the store 30 minutes late for work,
And I've forgotten my mascara,
But she and her sister are ready for Vegas.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, but does she and her sister know someday they'll find themselves in a story, if somewhat rearranged.