Sunday, January 29, 2012

small stone 1/29/12 (cause your girl is on a roll...rock and roll)

It's 5 a.m.,
And I need something from the car.
It's so dark and clear and cold.
No one else is around
(They are all sleeping
On this Sunday morning.)
It would be the perfect time
For aliens to abduct me.
I stare at the skies
And imagine the local gossip
That would be my obituary:
She just disappeared!
She may have left her man,
But she never would've left those kids.
Creative types are flakey
And tend to wander off.
There's that one guy!
That drug addict!
He walks up and down the roads.
Maybe he got her?
Maybe she was abducted by aliens?
Maybe she ran off with Elvis?
Maybe it was the rapture? would not make the rapture!

The stars are just so pretty, I think.
And that is what I'd want them to know,
If I disappeared into forever this morning:
The stars were just so pretty today,
But you didn't realize it because you were sleeping.

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