Tuesday, January 17, 2012

small stone 1/17/2012

The happiest thing of the day
Was that I bought a clothes pin bag
And filled it with clothes pins!
Now we're ready for spring.
It reminded me of last summer.
I had just brought in some blankets from the line.
My daughter asked me why I hung them out
Instead of running them through the dryer.
I told her that hanging them outside to dry
Traps the summer and spring in the blanket.
"Smell them," I told her, "And you'll smell spring."
She inhaled the blankets deeply.
"I do! They smell like outside!
They smell just like the gas from Pawpaw's lawnmower!"


  1. Haha, that's sweet.

    I like the thought of doing something in anticipation of the season to come :)

  2. So, a poetic soul is not genetic then?

  3. How lovely! I loved the entire thing. I smiled and smiled and then I laughed out loud!

  4. This is a classic! I was following along with warm fuzzy zen-and-the-the-art-of-homemaking feelings; then the last line hit me in the gut and bent me double with laughter!

  5. Thank you all! Everyone in my family thought I was crazy for havin a clothesline put up, but it makes me so happy! And not ALL of the blankets smell like gasoline lol