Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you for helping me clean my desk (small stone 1/16/2012)

Thank you for helping me clean my desk,
But my coffee goes here
(Where you've placed this stack of notepads).
And under my coffee,
Goes that marble coaster.
(The one from Ireland! It was from a friend.
There's a small shamrock etched in the middle!
You really have to study it to notice.)
No other coaster will do.
Thank you for helping me clean my desk,
But I can't find my special notebook...
The one with the embroidered cover.
I write in it just before I fall asleep.
I'm sure it's in one of these NEAT STACKS.
Thank you for helping me clean my desk.
We're obsessive, but in different ways.
You've eliminated the chaos,
But you've reduced me.


  1. I so completely get this. And must remember this. Sometimes I move my Mari's signs from the doors. She doesn't say anything -- just winces a little. Quietly. And quietly returns them when I've gone to neaten up something else.

  2. 'neat stacks'= nightmare! This is my spouse's way of tidying, but he knows better than to interfere with my spaces. Very well expressed T

  3. So well said! If you mess with my stuff you are messing with an outward projection of me and telling me I'm not OK as I am. At least that is how it's so easy to take it. In reality what it communicates is that the person moving things around isn't OK within themself.

  4. Thank you, ladies.

    Granny K: Yes, I have to stop myself from organizing my daugther's art. One time she had post-its ALL OVER her walls. I was about to take them down and throw them away, and she stopped me and told me to look at them. She had draw scenes from the small piece at a time and put them all together. She must have worked all day on it. Needless to say, it's still on the walls lol.

  5. This says SO much about so many of us! Wonderful, T.