Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wee, Wee, Wee (small stone 1/26/2012)

*Ok! I admit it! I've been SLACK! BUT! I did carry my small stones in my head...just didn't spill them onto paper. Once again rocks beat paper. And did you hear that? I just ADMITTED that there are rocks in my head, but that's better than rocks in my pockets and a walk into the river (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIRGINIA WOOLFE 1/25).

Annnnnnd I can't stand anymore of my own jokes so...on with THURSDAY'S small stone:

In front of me at the stoplight
Is a truck bed full of
Dead piglets
Irreverently thrown atop each other
In a heap
Pink and new
Soft and downy.
Their wee ears flap as the driver pulls off.
Wee wee wee...
Why? why? why?

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