Sunday, January 15, 2012

He must be buzzing to come out in the cold....(small stone 1/15/12)

Tiny black wasper legs
climb up my curtains of cream.
He seems to be an early scout
For the other creepy things.
He'll doubt!
But he's a little messenger from spring.
And he's buzzing his promising tune,
And I can't help but be happy to see him.


  1. Spring will come and summer, too,
    and we'll be happy, me and you,
    Happy enough to buzz and sing,
    and swat that bee if he should sting...

    But for now, isn't he lovely?

  2. Ah, yes, he's lovely, . . . for now.
    Enjoyed your small stones.

    Love the name of your blog!!

  3. Lol ...yes I thought the same thing...if this were May, I probably would've killed him!